Malaria/HIV interactions in Nigeria - A review

Ifeyiuwa Chijioke-Nwauche



Malaria and HIV are two of the most common and important health problems facing developing countries and Nigeria being the most populous African country bears a very high percentage of this burden. This article is an attempt to review the published articles on the co- infection of the two diseases available in literature from Nigeria.


A review of the literature on the subject was done utilizing google search, Medline, PubMed and other available literature. The keywords were Malaria and HIV; Interactions and Nigeria.


Malaria and HIV constitute major public health threats responsible for significant morbidity and mortality in the country. Malaria and HIV are diseases of poverty resulting in over 4 million deaths a year. Both diseases are highly endemic, with a wide geographic overlap in sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria. The management of the co-infection is a major challenge to the public health system. Of particular importance is the potential drug-drug interactions involved in the management of the co-infections as a result of co­administration of the drugs which have not been adequately investigated.


Despite the endemicity of both diseases in Nigeria, there is paucity of data on the interaction of the two diseases.


Malaria; HIV/AIDS; Co- infection; Nigeria; Review

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